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Why Vote?

Please Vote
Our directory is all about getting your favourite sites to filter to the top of the list; a vote is taken for each site and from each visitor, these are visitors like you, these votes do not rely on one person or even a group of people that may or may not show favouritism but the whole internet i.e. everyone that visits this site can vote! So each site has a chance of becoming the Top Site as recommended by the Internet itself.

Your Vote Counts
There is no regulating body, no one to fix listings; the whole process is automatic to ensure a deserving site is listed at the top as seen overall by thousands of visitors, so your vote really counts! If there is a site not listed in this directory that you think should be then please add it to the relative category in the Suggest Site part of a categories page (usually found at the bottom of the page)!

We want to build an informative, relative and accurate directory for everyone to enjoy, with all the best sites at the top where they should be and not regulated by keywords or clever techniques in forging top listings but in actual fact those sites that deserve top place as seen in your eyes and every net-citizen on the planet.

Listings not regulated by the voting system
The only Sites not regulated by our voting system are advertisers who sponsor a page or advertisements on the right hand side of the listings and editor recommendations, these advertisements are not part of that equation, and these sites help towards the upkeep of the site and server space and maintenance, there will always only ever be a maximum of two sponsors per page so as to not fill your screen with external advertisements, there will never be pop ups or any other form of advertising other than that mentioned above, we wish to keep the directory clean and about the subject that you first visited it for.

Editor Recommendations
From an editors point of view, he/she may consider a site the cream of all other listings and/or if it is on a specific subject: may be more informative on that subject than any other page in the category, he/she may also want to point you to write ups or reviews pertaining to that subject.

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