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(Listed On Wed Dec 14 02:03:22 2005)
Schooner Specimen Shells
If you already collect specimen shells, or if you are looking for a fascinating new hobby, we hope you will find what you need on our site. Please come on in and enjoy!
(Listed On Wed Dec 14 02:03:22 2005)

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Freswater Pearls

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(Listed On Sun Aug 19 19:48:56 2007)

Seashell Collectorcom
The Wonderful World of Seashells
(Rating: 0.00 out of 5 On 0 Votes!) Vote Here! Why Vote? (Listed On Sun Aug 19 19:48:56 2007)
Conchology Inc.
A wealth of information on this site. Owners are Guido and Philippe Poppe
(Rating: 0.00 out of 5 On 0 Votes!) Vote Here! Why Vote? (Listed On Wed Dec 14 02:03:22 2005)

Disclaimer All the links in this Directory are commercial sites. This is an impersonal list. I do not know many of these dealers personally and do not give credence to any dealer on this list. Research a dealer just as you would any other store. Shop around a bit, talk to (phone or email) the seller. Make sure you know and understand their policies for grading shells, how you pay for the shell, if shipping charges are involved and can you return the shell if youre not satisfied. If the seller is reputable, they wont mind answering these or any other questions in regards to the sale.
(Listed On Sat Nov 12 03:10:50 2005)
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