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Man and Mollusc Advanced Introduction to Molluscs Bivalvia
(Listed On Mon Dec 19 17:13:01 2005)

Intro To The Bivalvia
Introduction to the Bivalvia University of California - Berkeley
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The Solar Powered Clam
Microdocs - Downloadable video "Giant clams (Tridacna species) start life like any other clam, as tiny larvae floating in the water column. They settle and begin to filter-feed just like other clams. Unlike most clams, however, Tridacna also get food from the sun. ..."
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Oxford University Museum of Natural History Bivalves Page.
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Bivalvia(Two Shells)
Bivalves use their foot to move themselves. Not in the way we use our feet, but to push themselves over or move themselves away from a threat. Although they do have this foot, most bivalves do not move very often.Discussed1) Clams 2) Oysters3) Scallops4) Mussels
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Disclaimer...Parents and Educators, Please read! I have been to all the sites listed on this page as well as on all of the Man and Mollusc's Internet Resource Section pages. Many of the sites to be found here are very extensive, I cannot guarantee that they do not lead to other sites unsuitable for children. I have done my level best to provide only family orientated links, but, I have no control on the site's external links. Therefor I advise that parents and educators monitor their children when visiting new sites for the first time...Avril Bourquin
(Listed On Mon Jan 2 18:30:40 2006)
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