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Last Update: Friday, November 3, 2023 At: 20:31:37 (Total Listings: 9)
Newport Garden Seashells
Newport Garden Seashells 8 Newport Gardens, Hillarys 6025, Western Australia ...Telephone +61 8 9402 4060 ...Email
(Rating: 3.83 out of 5 On 29 Votes!) Vote Here! Why Vote? (Listed On Tue Oct 25 10:51:57 2005)
Bluewater Coast
Bluewater Coast Marine Specimens Rob Clifton, PO Box 122, Gelorup 6230, West Australia ...Email
(Rating: 3.36 out of 5 On 14 Votes!) Vote Here! Why Vote? (Listed On Mon Dec 19 09:24:47 2005)
Spectrum Shells
Spectrum Shells We specialize in Australian seashells, in particular Western Australian molluscs Cypraeidae Zoila ...Contact Gary Wilson ...Email sales
(Rating: 3.00 out of 5 On 10 Votes!) Vote Here! Why Vote? (Listed On Tue Oct 25 10:50:48 2005)
Australian Seashells
Australian Seashells PTY Ltd. Hugh Morrison & Simone Pfuetzner. 5 Ealing Mews, Kingsley, W.A. 6026, Australia Email
(Rating: 2.23 out of 5 On 13 Votes!) Vote Here! Why Vote? (Listed On Tue Oct 25 10:55:24 2005)
M & J Shells
M & J Shells Max and Debbie Innes 75 Angove Road, Albany 6330, Western Australia ...Email
(Rating: 2.06 out of 5 On 18 Votes!) Vote Here! Why Vote? (Listed On Tue Oct 25 10:52:22 2005)
Endemic Molluscs...
Seashells Australia Endemic Seashells of Australia Trevor Sutcliffe 3 Gunee Road, City Beach (Perth), Western Australia. 6015... Email
(Rating: 1.10 out of 5 On 10 Votes!) Vote Here! Why Vote? (Listed On Tue Oct 25 10:51:30 2005)
Perth Shell Dist.
Perth Shell Distributors Merv Cooper P.O. BOX 186, Mt.. Hawthorn, Perth, Western Australia, 6915 ...Email
(Rating: 0.88 out of 5 On 17 Votes!) Vote Here! Why Vote? (Listed On Tue Oct 25 10:50:16 2005)
Indo/Pacific Seashells
" I am a Worldwide supplier of quality specimen seashells from this region including - Australia, New Guinea, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, Africa, India, Thailand, South America, and other Pacific islands. I stock quality specimen shells from most families including Cowries, Cones, Volutes, Murex, Mitres, Strombs, Olives, Bivalves and Land Snails...." - Rob West
(Rating: 0.47 out of 5 On 15 Votes!) Vote Here! Why Vote? (Listed On Mon Mar 3 09:59:05 2008)
Seashells Australia
Trevor Sutcliffe "Western Australia is renouned for its endemic Cypraeidae, which are my speciality, but in my persuit of Zoila and other cowries, I also personally collect other marine molluscs cones, murex, haliotis, cypraea, cassis, turbans, harps, pectens and volutes. ..."
(Rating: 0.33 out of 5 On 9 Votes!) Vote Here! Why Vote? (Listed On Thu Mar 26 07:47:05 2009)
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