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Interesting Geoduck Facts
Interesting Geoduck Facts by Avril Bourquin
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Weird And Fun Facts
Weird and Fun Facts From my Internet Wanderings, a VERY miscellaneous compilation of those begged, borrowed and stolen bits of information that are fun to pull out of your hat at a party (ex "On the average piece of green land, there are over 50,000 spiders!") - for your eyes only!
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Seashells By The Seashore
Throughout the summer season, scores of people travel to the shore. Often in the mornings, you can see folks out combing the beaches to see what the tide left behind. Seashells are admired by many and often collected by children. These natural wonders, strewn along beaches like jewels from the sea, are created by snails, clams, scallops, and other marine mollusks. For a very long period of human history however, these shells were far more than the evacuated homes of sea creatures and objects of childhood fascination. They held a position of value, being used as money, medicine, precious ornaments and even used in art.
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Amazing Facts
Amazing Molluscan Facts the original idea, and many of the facts for this article came from the COA website (Conchologists of America article Just the Facts
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Mad About Seashells
a Smithsonian Journal article by Richard Conniff
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