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Unitas Malacologica
co Dr. E. Gittenberger, National Natuurhistorich Museum ,Postbus 9517 ,NL-2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands,
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Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging
"Onze vereniging is er n van en voor mensen met belangstelling voor schelpen en weekdieren. Verzamel je ook schelpen en vind je hun vormen en kleuren ook zo fascinerend Of ben je geboeid geraakt door landslakken of inktvissen En wil je je daar verder in verdiepen Bij de Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging zit je dan goed."

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Dutch Malacological Society
the Dutch Malacological Society Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging - website has pages in Dutch and in English - We have also added some new elements to the website, like the international shellers list, indexes on our journals Basteria and Vita Malacologica and a spieces list of Dutch moluscs. The last one will be extended in the near future with pictures and a link to the distribution maps of each species. - At the moment the Nederlandse Malacologische Vereniging publishes 3 journals Spirula (new name for Correspondentieblad), Basteria and Vita Malacologica (new journal). - Dutch Malacological Society, e-mail-
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European Quaternary Malacologists ("EQMal").This is a group of people studying fossil molluscs (shells and snails) from European Ice Age deposits. EQMalserves as a platform for exchange of information between these people and for the advancement of their knowledge.
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Malacologica Hollandia
Malacologica Hollandia - Malacologische contact groep Amsterdam en omstreken - Zologisch Museum Amsterdam,afdeling Malacologie,Mauritskade 57,1090 GT Amsterdam, Publishes De Kreukel
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