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Russian Far East Malacological Society
"Russian Far East Malacological Society (hereafter RFEMS) was established in November 1994 by initiative of Prof. A. I. Kafanov with support of the Honorary Director of the Institute of Marine Biology (IMB), Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician, Prof. A. V. Zhirmunsky. At that time, the Society consisted of less than ten members, and its headquarters became IMB. Officially, the Society was registered as a branch of the Far Eastern Association of Scientists, a non-profit organization. Soon after, the decision was taken to begin publication of our own medium, the Bulletin of the RFEMS, and the first volume was published in 1996 by "Dalnauka" Publishing House. The Bulletin became the second Russian malacological periodical after appearance of Ruthenica, Russian Malacological Journal, in 1992. ..."
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Malacological Society Of Russia
Konstantin A. Lutaenko Ph.D. - Senior Research Scientist - Head of the International Cooperation Department - President, Russian Far East alacological Society - Institute of Marine Biology Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences - Vladivostok 690041 Russia - Publishes Ruthenica
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Institute Of Marine Biology
Russian Far East Malacological Society (since 1994)co Institute of Marine Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Palchevsky Street, 17Vladivostok 690041 RUSSIA - Contacts Konstantin A. Lutaenko (, Olga Ya. Semenikhina ( - Publisher of the Bulletin of the Russian Far East MalacologicalSociety (9 volumes since 1996)
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