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Conch-L Listserve is sponsored by the Conchologists of America and is hosted by the University of Georgia - "Are you having trouble finding the online information you need about the hobby of conchology Do you want to link up with other shellers To answer your needs, the Conchologists of America has established the Conch-List, CONCH-L, the first Listserv expressly for shell collectors. You can subscribe by sending your email address immediately. Conch-L will provide a forum for conchologists, indeed, for anyone with an interest in mollusks, to discuss any topic related to conchology. ..."
(Listed On Wed Feb 1 02:13:40 2006)

Molluscan Evolution
"...It is our intent to provide an informal and rapid response forum for discussions of molluscan evolution, paleontology, taxonomy and natural history. A special emphasis of this list server will be to provide an interface between paleontological and neonotological molluscan workers. We will also post notices of meetings, symposia, literature, software and other electronic happenings that may be of interest to the malacological community. ..."
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Mollusca Listserver - The listserver MOLLUSCA is a forum for discussion on topics related to molluscan evolution, systematics, paleontology, ecology, etc.
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Unio Listserver
UNIO is an Internet listserver focusing on the biology, ecology and evolution of freshwater unionid mussels. The primary objectives of the list are (1) to foster communication and collaboration among scientists, researchers, and students engaged in mussel-related activities and (2) to facilitate the informal discussion of regional and federal research priorities.
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Shellfish Related Internet Listservers
Links page of shellfish and shellfish related listserves.
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List Information For Molluscalist
" Dear Colleague Welcome to the MOLLUSCAlist mailing list operated by the University of California Museum of Paleontology. Molluscs are one of the most diverse groups of invertebrate animals - both in form and habitat...."

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