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Last Update: Sunday, July 4, 2010 At: 17:18:59 (Total Listings: 3)
Vaquero Alfonso
Lopez, Jesus & Vaquero, Alfonso(Spain) Welcome to Mollusca (Spanish Site) "Bienvenido a Mollusca, la pgina pionera de la Malacologa espaola en Internet, con la que hemos querido llenar parte del vacio existente en nuestro pais, sobre el mundo de los moluscos. "

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Van Damme Willy
Van Damme, Willy Money Cowries (Belgium) "I want to show the ultimate beauty of simplicity and the tremendous variety in color, shape and habitat of 3 little creatures, very common and even abundant in a lot of areas. Available to almost anyone and in most of the cases with no danger of harming nature. Moneta, obvelata and annulus are true Chameleons and Globetrotters..."
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Veldhuis Erik
Veldhuis, Erik European Seashells & Diving A website about European Seashells and Diving. This site gives al lot of information about Erik's personal collection and collecting activities, with reports, specimen lists, photo's et cetera. Site is in Dutch and English
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